Sunrise at Kolukkumalai Peak is a breathtaking natural phenomenon, located in Tamilnadu, India. Known as the highest tea plantation in the world, this serene location offers captivating views as the sun gradually rises above the majestic mountains. With its tranquil surroundings, mist-covered valleys, and vibrant hues of orange and gold painting the sky. Witnessing a Kolukkumalai sunrise is a truly mesmerizing experience that leaves visitors in awe of nature's beauty.
Layers of mountains at Dawn.
Kolukkumalai range and the distant bodi village behind the mountains.
First glimpse of sun with the entire Kolukkumalai Mountains range and its village towards the right.
A closer view of first glimpse of sunrise and the light passing through the mountains.
First light hitting the entire kolukkumalai mountains range.
The Magical sunrise view for which hundreds of tourists come to this remote village everyday. 
Light and shadows on the mountains during the sunrise.
Kolukkumalai sunrise viewing spot in the middle. Bose peak towards the right and the worlds hightest tea estate behind.
The iconic kolukkumalai peak.
Rays piercing through the mountains.
Cloud-beds floating between the mountains. In the right season one can witness cloud blankets covering the entire mountain range.
Clouds and sun playing hide and seek on the beautiful landscape.
Grand panoramic view of the entire kolukkumalai mountains range.
Grand view of the Kolukkumalai Mountains.
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